Salton Electronic ET1403 VS Cuisinart CPT-142

Appearance, Dimensions​ and Technical Details​

Salton Electronic ET1403Cuisinart CPT-142
Controls dial and pushbuttondial and pushbutton
Exterior material MetalPlastic
One slot NoNo
Bagel settingNoYes
Additional features defrost/reheat settings, cancel button, cord storagedefrost, reheat and cancel settings, cord storage,
Warranty2 yr3 yr limited
Exterior dimensions (HxWxD)7 x 7 x 117 x 11 x 11
Slot Dimension (DxLxW)6 x 6 x 4na

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Overview and Specs

Which is better? Comparison of Salton Electronic ET1403 VS Cuisinart CPT-142 toasters. Compare the characteristics of each product and make your choice. Below you can see the most important specifications that you should check before purchase.

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